Out of the marriage of a love for Satanic ritual & natural skincare, Black Magic Ritual Co. was born.

The power of ritual can be found in many parts of our lives, whether it be found on your bathroom counter or in the ritual chamber. Black Magic Ritual Co seeks to help elevate your self-care rituals, add luxury to your skincare routine, and create impact for Satanists in their ritual practices.

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Most products found at Black Magic Ritual Co are handcrafted & made by yours truly. I take much care and consideration into every step of the creation process, from brainstorming to how it appears at your door. The passion I have for creating & the dedication to detail goes into each product I make. I am pleased to share each creation with you and hope you love them all as much as I do.


Many hours go into finding high-quality items made by reputable brands and other creators. Finding products that aren't found being dropshipped on big box online retailers is a main thing considered. Preference is given to small businesses and other handcrafted goods.

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    The single-use bags used to package Bath Soaks and Face Masks are not heat sealed. This allows you to open it up like a traditional zip-close bag. Once you've finished enjoying your bath soak or face mask, wash the bag out and reuse it for anything you'd like! Make sure the bag is dry before placing anything new inside and closing it to best preserve whatever you place inside. (Psst... They're pretty smell proof.)


    Hopefully not a mainstay at Black Magic, the 2 ounce plastic jars are easily reusable. For powdered products, just wash and remove the label if desired. If your plastic jar had an oil or butter based product inside: you'll need hot water, dish soap, and elbow grease to get it 100% clean again. I recommend using as much product as possible, rinsing with hot water, and placing in the dishwasher.


    Reusing glass jars comes second nature to many and you may be adding this one to your collection. For powdered products, just wash and remove the label if desired. If your glass jar had an oil or butter based product inside, I recommend giving it a pre-wash with a bit of dish soap before placing it in a dishwasher.


    Boxes, shipping envelopes, and all things contained inside are recyclable. However- I do recommend that you repurpose them if you can. Gift wrap, moving paper, or whatever else you can think of. The boxes make a great place to store knick-knacks or other small items.

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