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Natural, High-Quality, & Clean


Skin Nourishing Oils & Butters

All oils and butters chosen for Black Magic Ritual Co's skincare are rich in vitamins and fats that nourish your skin. Each Black Magic Skincare product should leave your skin feeling moisturized, not greasy.

High Quality Herbs & Essential Oils

Herbs, florals, & Essential Oils are chosen for their fragrances and proven benefits. Time is taken to ensure every last petal or drop of added ingredients meet Black Magic Ritual Co's high standards.

Soy Blend Wax & Fragrance Oils

A custom blend of Soy & Paraffin wax is used for all wax melts. Soy wax is one of the best choices for making clean wax fragrance products, while paraffin keeps the melts from becoming a mess and holds onto fragrances better. Each fragrance oil is chosen for it's quality and ability to scent your home.

Meticulously Sourced Satanic Goods

Much time is spent finding sourced goods for Black Magic Ritual Co. Items must be high-quality and not lackluster products like you may find elsewhere. Preference is shown for items handcrafted by others or are made by trusted brands. Finding Satanic goods need not be any more difficult.